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This terrible design competition invited people of all artistic abilities to create the worst and most unnecessary designs they could.

A juice box that doesn’t contain juice, a calculator that forces you to climb 84 floors to use, and a transparent calendar that makes it almost impossible to know what day of the week it is.

These are just some of the impractical blueprints drawn on Tuesday, November 2 during the UMass Terrible design competition.

Hosted by the Amherst Design Club at the University of Massachusetts, more than a dozen students were separated into teams and tasked with creating the most unwanted inventions possible.

Members of the UMass Design Club E-Board judged the submissions on creativity, composition and “effectiveness”.

The students competed for a chance to win a $ 100 Amazon gift card; the finalist team received a promotional message on the Instagram of the UMass Design Club page.

Design club president Dhruv Vikram said the competition was a way to introduce the club to more students, regardless of their artistic ability.

“(From left to right) Members of the UMass Design Club: Jarius Kidd, Gabriella Nugent and Dhruv Vikram.” Photo by Caitlin Mott

“People who see how to make ordinary things impractical are a great way to introduce people to design,” Vikram said.

E-Board member Jarius Kidd saw the competition as a way to break down the barrier between the club and students interested in design.

“We want to make design accessible to all different skill groups,” Kidd said. “You don’t need any special skills or talents to design something. ”

In the first round, the contestants were tasked with creating a calendar interface app for smartphones.

Chris Adams, second year computer science student, and Ariana Lyonski-Phillips, second year microbiology student, decided to draw a calendar where the months were organized in alphabetical order.

For the second round, first-year psychology student Mica Heater and her band, “Team Excel Word,” had to design a juice box.

The group took a geometric approach to meet this challenge, choosing to design the box in the shape of a triangle.

“You can only put the straw on the very top, and because of the way the triangles work, it’s going to be really hard to get the straw in,” Heater said.

For the third terrible design round, sophomore computer science student Dylan Landman and his team, “Team Name”, figured that an 84-foot-tall calculator would meet the arithmetic needs of anyone. who.

“The buttons are also randomized everywhere,” Landman said.

“The pupils draw their drawings”. Photo by Caitlin Mott

Segmented into floors, “Team Name” decided to integrate the calculator’s input button on the top floor while painfully leaving the machine’s answer box on the lower level.

After dozens of terrible, frustrating, and impractical designs of cameras, calendars, juice boxes, and calculators were submitted, members of the UMass Design E-Board had to determine which team had the most inventions. more terrible.

Jarius Kidd and club vice-president Gabriella Nugent thought long and hard about each invention before choosing a winner.

Ultimately, “The Facebook,” a group made up of first-year communication students Jonah Slaghekke and Rudy Lucier, took first place on Tuesday night.

“Jonah Slaghekke and Rudy Lucier of ‘Team Facebook’ pose after winning the gold medal. Photo by Caitlin Mott

Their illogical “Cow” juice box won over the judges. Not only was the design absurd and impractical, but the idea of ​​drinking cow udder juice bowled most onlookers.

The group said Andy Warhol and Mark Zuckerberg inspired them the most throughout the competition.

Design Club president Vikram plans to hold another “Terrible Design Contest” next semester. The club will also be hosting a UI design workshop later this semester. Check their Instagram page for the date to come.

The UMass Design Club meets every other Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. on the S120 floor of the Integrated Learning Center. Vikram stressed that all students are welcome, regardless of their artistic ability.

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