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It’s time to relax and get together at barbecues or simple summer gatherings. But casual season doesn’t mean it’s the season to jump on hostess gifts.

Lifestyle expert AJ Hernandez has ideas that will have you coming back again and again.

5 Best Hostess Gifts

1. “Breakfast in a basket”

It’s a simple gift with a major impact. Give a basket with pancake mix, baked goods and Beeline Kitchen butter bombs. It’s not your mother’s butter, that’s for sure. These little cubes with huge infusions of flavor will take breakfast or any meal to the next level.

2. Infuse the alcohol

The infusion doesn’t have to stop at butter. AJ showed us how to make homemade infused grapefruit and jalapeno tequila. (Watch the video above!) He shares his favorite recipe that’s sure to make your hostess – and her guests – happy.

3. Become dirty

All salt is not the same. Just ask the women behind Salterie One in Duxbury. Their hand-harvested Classic Gourmet Sea Salt straight from Duxbury Bay will delight your taste buds so much that you’ll never go back to that simple shaker again.

4. Dry off in style

Chances are your hostess has a pile of ratty beach towels lying around. And chances are she’ll never rush for a fancy towel for herself. SAULT New England Turkish Towels are the perfect gift. They come in fabulous colors and soft fabrics and will enhance your trip to the beach or the pool. This year, napkins are the new bottle of wine, says AJ.

5. light this up

If you are outdoors, lemongrass is essential to combat these insects. And now there are candles that look good and smell good. AJ’s go-to is Voluspa’s luxurious Citronella Orange Blossom.

Whatever you choose, don’t leave empty-handed. What’s your favorite gift to bring to a summer party? Join us on social media and let us know!

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