Sydney’s Best Gift Delivery Services in 2021

Brownie dots. We are looking for them all. Small steps to get into the right books (and that means we won’t have to take out the trash for at least two weeks). Well, good news guys, we’ve found a way to maximize the brownie points. And the only finger you will need is your thumb on your phone. Introducing the coolest and best gift delivery services in Sydney.

Gift deliveries are appropriate for the following occasions: birthdays, apologies, getting arrested for skipping the Netflix seasons you promised to watch together, the birth of your first child, eating all the mint slices and not replacing them, snore too loudly, leave small amounts of orange juice in the bottle and then put it back in the refrigerator.

Hope these deliveries can make all of our problems go away.

Daily flowering

There are many flower delivery services in Sydney (see what we’ve done there?), But one of our favorite hassle-free choices is Daily flowering. Owner and entrepreneur Courtney goes to Sydney’s finest flower markets early each morning, picks what is in bloom, then carves out an original flower arrangement based on her daily finds. Flowers plus delivery will set you back $ 35, and you can check today’s arrangement every morning on Instagram.


These guys have a motto: no more cellophane. Brewquets is an online beer delivery service that tries to shake up the traditional “gift” industry (you know, the one that uses pfft cellophane). The team hand selects craft beers, toss in a package of jerky or two, wrap it all up in a sleek burlap bag, and deliver it straight to your loved one. You can even attach a cut note for that nice personal touch.

Puzzle post

For those who don’t like flowers, chocolate or wine, there is Puzzle post. Puzzle Post is the new subscription service for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Give them some basic details and they’ll deliver a whole new puzzle to your (or someone else’s) door every month. Handpicked puzzles tailored to suit someone’s individual taste? Guaranteed brownie points.


Ever wanted to send someone a gift, not an expensive bubble bottle or extravagant bouquet, just something small to show you care? Shouta is the brand new Australian app that helps you do just that. Scream your friends, coworkers and loved ones anytime, anywhere, with whatever you want.

As for how Shouta works, it’s as simple as it sounds. In the app, you are free to choose from various cries between $ 5 and $ 250. Anything your special someone will like, use, drink, eat, or enjoy. Think movie tickets, flowers, lunch, chocolates, or even a stimulating manicure. Your cry is also totally customizable – you can send a box of Panadol after a big night out, or a box of donuts to help a companion get through 3pm with high sugar. Download the app here.

Sweet Mickie

I love this idea. Delicious homemade cinnamon ginger cookies, covered in frosting and stamped with any message you can think of, the original quote cookie. This is the thought behind Sweet Mickie, a tongue-in-cheek cookie delivery service based right here in Melbourne. You can order cookies with pre-prepared messages (“Oral pleasure” and “I fucking love you” caught our attention) or customize your own cookie message (you need to order more than 30 cookies to get a personalized quote, but hey, having too many cookies is at the bottom of life’s big problem list).


This super fresh creative concept is a collaboration between stylist Claire Mueller and graffiti artist RJ Williams — and let’s just say we’re a little obsessed. These one-of-a-kind artistic flowers are what you might call “ephemeral art,” created using stems of individually colored Phalaenopsis orchids, which have been dipped in kaleidoscopic paint ribbons.

According to Mueller and Williams, their super unique process doesn’t affect the lifespan of the flowers – they will last as long as your typical orchid (two to three weeks).


While Sydney’s same day plant delivery service, PlantGirl, recently opened its first brick and mortar facility in the heart of Inner West, it started out as one of the daytime succulent delivery services. even the most exciting (and groovy) of our city. This is the idea of ​​Felicity Keep, writer and great plant lover, and if you are wondering what the big difference is at PlantGirl, think about bright colors, quirky designs, bright pots and hardy plants.

Sorry thank you i love you

It says it all, doesn’t it? Whether you’re apologizing for eating leftover lasagna from last night or showing your love by buying expensive things, Sorry thank you i love you has you covered. You can get it all through this thing. A selection of Bruny Island cheeses? Ended. Japanese whiskey mixed? Sure thing.

Great housewares, bespoke flower bouquets, craft beer, the sky’s the limit. The site helpfully organizes their freebies into different categories, depending on how powerful your love is or how big your poop is. Attractive.


The guys who took the choking off of wine, Vinomofo is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia (they’ve actually just expanded to Singapore). Their philosophy is quite simple: delicious wine, no handjobs, and inexpensive deliveries from some of Australia’s best wineries to your mouth. There is a range of prices and varieties, but the guys at “Fo” only sell the wines they like, so you know you’re getting a careful selection.

Small Successes

The team here has been delivering little interior beauties since 2017 and you can buy succulents, cacti and terrariums. Small Successes actually does nationwide expeditions on succulent babies, DIY terrarium kits, and a “sucking variety box” filled with an assortment of prickly babies in case you want to gift someone beyond the borders. On the Sydney waterfront for delivery, you can order same day if you order before 11am on a number of succulents and cacti housed in ceramic pots.

Good day people

Have you ever tried sending a gift basket but were totally disappointed with the ho-hum products included? Enter Good day people. Impress the sweet tooth in your life with a gift box filled with Poor Toms gin, Nikka whiskey, Olsson sea salt, Yulli’s craft beer, natural wine, bottled cocktails and fresh artisan chocolate. If we at Urban List put together a gift box it would look a lot like this.


Beauty sample sets are all the rage right now, and Bellabox is probably the best of the bunch. You can enroll your partner, even yourself, for a monthly skincare pack that includes around five beauty samples from different trending brands. If you like what you try, you can buy the Bellabox online store and get the real deal.

You can customize a plan to suit your gift, and they’ll deliver the box anywhere you want. This will only cost you $ 19.95 per month, which is a good deal considering the number of brownie points on offer.


Socks and jocks have become a bit of a gag gift in recent years, but that’s only because we didn’t have Upparel. This is a premium subscription service for socks and underwear and the only one that uses 100% Egyptian cotton. How chic.

You can order a sock and jock combo, or just focus on this one (if, like us, your socks regularly disappear into a mysterious dimension beyond the space-time continuum). The colorful products are packaged and delivered right to your man’s doorstep, and you can sign him up for monthly, semi-annual, or annual packages. It is a yes on our part.

Do you prefer something greener? Find out about Sydney’s best plant delivery services. Looking for the best flower delivery to Sydney? Head here.

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