Tech Startup Afterlife Ensures Wealth and Happiness for Families Using Blockchain

April 22, 2022 2:35 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India], Apr 22 (ANI/TPT): Over Rs. 51,500 crore is unclaimed from financial institutions, like banks, insurance companies and mutual funds in India, according to a published RBI report in 2021. Millions of policies went unclaimed from insurance companies, completely unknown to the people for whom this financial protection was being purchased. While on the one hand dispersing these funds to the legitimate nominees of the deceased remains a challenge, on the other hand it completely negates the purpose of purchasing life insurance in the first place.
After a near-death experience, IT solutions designer and software engineer Sheetal Koul from Mumbai was driven to think about life after death, she began to visualize the challenges her family would go through if she left. This compelling thought led her to embark on a mission to find solutions to this problem, but to her surprise she found none, so she decided to integrate technology and design a solution that would can solve the problem of succession and has made it the mission and purpose of his life. . This unique concept is patented under the name “Afterlife” which aims to change the world as we know it.
Afterlife aims to ensure happiness, life and beyond. What makes the solution unique is that not only can you plan your estate and candidate access to all your important documents with the utmost convenience, but it also allows clients to pre-schedule messages, gifts and events for a future occasion after their death. With Afterlife, one can even plan a charity or keepsakes in their name. The platform beautifully alleviates the greatest challenge of trust and assurance of plan execution by introducing blockchain technology with smart contracts that guarantee flawless execution.
Founder, Ms Sheetal Koul remarks that “Afterlife is not just a project, it all started with me trying to find a solution to my problems and when I realized that everyone I spoke to is facing these challenges and need a solution. I started working on a possible solution that can help not only me but everyone and it has now become the purpose of my life”. She has already developed the soon-to-be-released MVP and remains in talks with prominent VCs to raise funds to develop her project.
Co-founder Aditya Kalla says he is impressed with this excellent integration of technology, finance and blockchain. He sees great potential in the project and is sure that Afterlife will be a pillar in changing perceptions around death.

At recent events held in Pune and Ahmedabad in association with Impulse Technical, Afterlife was shown to 1000 people live. The project received an overwhelming response from the public, insurance expert Bimal Kumar exclaimed, “I can’t wait to be on Afterlife, it’s the most unique solution I’ve found in a long time. I I’m glad to know that now I can plan occasions for my family and children for when I won’t be there.”
Stock market influencer and founder of Impulse Technical, Harshubh Shah said: “1 in 10 Indians have unclaimed money, Afterlife bridges this gap beautifully”
Entrepreneur and Blockchain Founder, CEO of Polytrade Piyush Gupta Sends Best Wishes to Afterlife and Says “Blockchain has limitless real use cases. We need more creative and talented entrepreneurs in the field like Sheetal to ensure creative solutions to age-old problems using Blockchain.”
Afterlife is a platform to ensure happiness – life and beyond and is highly anticipated and expected.
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