The 10 best product designs that are sure to be at the top of every industrial designer’s wishlist!

If you have product designers in your life, you know that it is almost always impossible to offer them something. They usually have everything they need, which basically includes their valuable design gear and gear. But there’s always a product or two on their must-have wishlist. Usually these are innovative product designs that can really help or support them throughout their creative process. They add a lot of value and can even make or break their entire design process. And we’ve curated a whole collection of products that are on every Product Designer’s Secret Wish List, making your Christmas gift shopping a lot easier! You can thank us later.

The Jadelabo J1 is quite frankly two 3D printers integrated in a single box. With two extrusion heads that can move independently, you can virtually print twice as many parts in the same amount of time, speeding up your workflow by 2 times. The J1’s dual extruders can run simultaneously, printing two different models at the same time, or even the same model twice, using its “duplicate mode”. If you have a larger, more complex design, you can split it in half and have the extruders on the J1 share the workload… and if you have a bilaterally symmetrical print, the J1’s “mirror mode” will help you. lets enter half of a 3D model and have the printer create a mirror image as well!

For a long time, 3D filaments have focused on more technical features, like being able to be printed seamlessly without plastic strands ruining the surface texture, or being easy to remove from your printer’s print bed … but guys behind Graft Milk realized what was really missing. in this particular market. You see, the print filament is just like any art medium. The quality of a filament should not be limited to its physical property, but should also take into account the aesthetic needs of an artist. Graft Milk PLA filaments are available in a beautiful pastel color scheme unlike commercial filaments and their standard reds, blues, greens and blacks. Graft Milk filaments are an array of colors that mimic natural materials like terracotta, sandstone and marble, and are custom designed to be printed with a beautiful matte finish, which makes the prints really show off outlines and details.

The Snapmaker 2.0 builds on its predecessor’s ability to let you switch modules and turn your 3D printer into a laser engraver, CNC sculptor, or even a 4-axis CNC lathe. In its second generation, however, the Snapmaker 2.0 boasts of a customizable assembly that allows you to build exactly the fabrication tool you need, allowing you to expand or scale it down depending on the size of your business. operation or your workspace, add a protective case, or even addons like an IP camera or an emergency kill switch. All of Snapmaker 2.0’s components are precision machined from anodized aluminum alloy, giving you a device that’s as rugged as it is precise. The machined components boast incredibly tight tolerances, resulting in precise outputs, and the Snapmaker 2.0’s own firmware, like its automatic bed leveling system, or Snapmaker Luban software, which lets you preview patterns. laser and illustrations before engraving them. , simply gives you the extra control you need to create the kind of designs you have in mind.

Recognizing the multiple issues that arise with artists, especially designers, and their desks, Long Chan has built Lift, a desk that can adapt to meet your needs. From the right angle, Lift almost looks like an oversized, sturdy wooden TV tray, but when viewed from the front it is grounded as the designer’s workstation. As my days of eating chicken noodle soup on a TV set while watching Cartoon Network are over, Lift uses a sliding mechanism that echoes the same as the iconic living room base of yesteryear. In order to take different shapes, Lift rests on two wooden dowels sliding on both sides. The wooden sliding pegs on the front legs of Lift lower the desk workspace to take the shape of a traditional desk, with additional storage space being made available in the process, similar to that of a traditional secretary. . Then the other sliding wooden dowel, placed along the side of the desk, adjusts the desk to form a drawing workstation, which defines the desk’s workspace at an angle.

Even product designers need a little break from their constant mental stimulation and creative process. And what better way to de-stress than with LEGO ?! The LEGO Star Wars Scout Trooper Helmet lets you build your own helmet, consisting of 471 pieces! The kit also comes with a display stand, allowing you to proudly display your LEGO construction. The stand even includes a small nameplate, doing your artwork justice. 7 inches high, 4.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep, this kit puts your LEGO building skills to the ultimate test!

The Carvera comes fully assembled, with a work area measuring 14.2 “x 9.4” x 5.5 “. It self-levels at the start of each job and automatically selects the right tool for the right job all alone, calibrating along the way for an accurate end result. The tools at Carvera’s disposal include several wide to narrow drills, a probe tool and even a 2.5W laser engraving / cutting module. The Carvera rocks automatically between bits and modules depending on the job, and a rather clever dust collection hose next to the spindle sucks up wood chips, plastic dust and metal chips / burrs while the machine is doing its thing work, keeping the work area clean throughout. The closed design helps prevent other fragments or dust particles from littering your area and also mutes the sound, making Carvera perfect for your home or space of work.

The Lap Desk X LapDesk Multifunctional Workstation promises to improve your everyday work productivity! It comes in two interesting models: the X LapDesk B and the X LapDesk G. Created from bamboo plywood, the X LapDesk was designed to sit on your lap. It features a comfortable cushion base, built-in mouse pad, fast charger, plug-and-play USB hub, and ambient light. The X LapDesk B is intended for businesses and includes a calculator, digital notepad, and wrist pad. While the X LapDesk G is for gaming and has hand and wrist sliders and a built-in storage drawer.

Halfway between a brush, a pen and a feather, the DRILLOG is stationery at its best. Designed and made in Japan, the dip-pen features a drill-inspired tip that catches the ink in its various hollow grooves as you dip it into the ink, and the ink gradually descends to the bottom. tip due to gravity, giving you a new, elevated writing experience which not only results in excellent calligraphy on paper, it is also a pure pleasure to watch the ink build up in the grooves in Finely machined spiral from the nib and descend as you write. I like to think of DRILLOG as a rather steampunk approach to stationery – in that it combines old styles with new technology, resulting in a fusion of the past and the future. The DRILLOG immersion pen takes the idea of ​​an internal refill outward, using multiple channels in its metal tip to contain “rivers” of ink that run to the metal tip of the pen.

The multi-touch toolbar can be found in the company’s high-end laptop lineup, but it still remains a fascination for designers. Extending the Cupertino company’s idea of ​​selling various accessories separately from the main product, a designer introduced us to the idea of ​​a magic bar, which is nothing more than a portable touch bar that can be used externally. with any Apple device (presumably). As the renderings suggest, this portable toolbar with functionality very similar to the ill-fated Touch Bar, conforms to a recognizable design that would line up horizontally like the keyboard. And when combined with the new iPhone, it could allow smart home shortcuts always at hand.

The MultiPro is a versatile $ 109 pen with the ability to cut, engrave, drill, engrave, solder and even 3D print using a variety of interchangeable heads that snap directly onto the body of the pen. The pen, paired with a bit of skill and tutorials from 3Dsimo, lets you repurpose everyday household items into quality wearable masks and face shields. The nose and mouth mask just requires a piece of cotton cloth that you can precisely cut with the cutting head of the pen. Upgrade to the 3D print head to add touches of plastic that help seal the parts of the mask together, creating a finished product that you can tie around your face to filter out particles as you breathe. The face shield requires some expertise, but 3Dsimo’s ever-expanding channel of YouTube tutorials and downloadable models is more than enough to guide any newbie through the process of creating screens from scratch.

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