The best e-gift cards to give to someone who cooks (or eats)


Home cooks and cooking enthusiasts are an easy bunch to buy into, all things considered. If there isn’t a gadget that you know they need, you can’t go wrong with a interesting shipment or subscription for spices, fish or meat. If you think they prefer to choose the products on their own, go for an e-gift card from a major culinary vendor. And your options are plentiful for edible e-gift cards in 2021.

For anyone on your list who enjoys food, wine cocktails, or cooking, a gift card from any of these online suppliers of cookware, tableware, ingredients, and ready meals will scratch this back. greedy itch. Bonus: These can be suppliers that your recipient doesn’t even know about yet, and this opens up a world of delicious online ordering possibilities. Your edible gift card options are seemingly endless: whether it’s fresh fish, premium cuts of beef, hard to find. Candy or even more difficult to resist snacks, these are the best online gift cards to send to a foodie this year.

Most online gift cards can be purchased in any amount and while some have expiration dates most are generally good for at least a year and often much longer. Note that all of the options below include e-gift options, so you can order and email them until the very last minute.

golden belly

Goldbelly specializes in sending ready meals from some of the country’s most iconic restaurants, no matter where you live. Do you want some Russ & Daughters smoked salmon? Goldbelly has it. Jones-ing for that Piecaken have you seen it everywhere on Instagram? Goldbelly will send one to you directly from the bakery.

A gift card to Goldbelly will keep a foodie busy for hours – the only problem is they won’t be able to have all.


This virtual wonderland of kitchen ingredients and pantry items could keep a home chef busy for hours. It’s also a great place to find inspiration for recipes and cuisines to try. You will find specialty oils, premium cheeses, dry products, sauces and much more. The market even offers high-end meats and cheeses.

Porters Path

This online butcher sells super thin cuts, from big holiday roasts to rich sirloin steak, pork loin and more. Send a gift card and they can browse the gorgeous meats and grab some now or wait for the grilling season to jump in.


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The best part about a Food52 gift certificate is that you don’t have to scroll too far to find something amazing. The culinary blog has a strong market of products selected by the publisher, including cookware, glassware, pantry gadgets and staples. Most of the time, everything is stylish and useful at the same time, and the prices are reasonable to boot.

Mouth is a market with tons of fun and trendy food and subscriptions like a pickle of the month club where s’mores kit for your next bonfire. This is another great option for a foodie who likes a bit of everything since, well, they have it.

Fulton Fish Market

Depending on where you or who you’re shopping for lives, fresh seafood can be hard to find. I have written about the best places to order seafood online and can say that frozen seafood sent by Fulton Fish Market is the best thing for a real port side fishmonger to do. Fulton has an incredible selection of tuna, salmon, squid, shellfish and even caviar and other packaged goods. It is the perfect gift to hang a seafood eater.

by Rastelli

If it’s high-end fare they want, Rastelli’s is a great place to snag a home chef gift card on your list. The Gourmet Market specializes in meats and fish, including Wagyu beef, organic poultry, and sustainable seafood. It also has all the accessories to pop those meats including rubs, butters and sides.

Blue apron

A meal kit gift certificate is another great gift for a home chef or someone who is generally busy. You could have one sent to their doorstep, but unless you’re really sure about the person’s tastes, preferences, and schedule, you might be better off sticking with a gift card. . Blue Apron is my top pick for a meal kit to give to a seasoned chef, but check out some great meal kits to give this season, including Purple carrot for vegetarians and Hello fresh for beginners.

Le Creuset

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for someone who loves fine kitchen gadgets and cookware, Williams Sonoma is a great supplier to let them go wild. Le Creuset cookware at awesome bar items and full of gourmet pantry essentials, Williams Sonoma has a bit of everything for home cooks of all skill levels.

snack addict

the Japanese make snacking an art form. Bokksu knows this better than anyone, collecting some of the best Japanese snacks in the East and sending them in a single box or a recurring monthly snack box. And oh boy are they fun. The best part about the Bokksu box is that hardly any of these Japanese snacks remind you much of the snacks we already have in the US, but they are really delicious. This begs the question, “What are we doing wrong here folks?” “

You can order Bokksu gift cards in denominations of $ 25 to have someone spend in organized boxes or to choose individual snacks from the Bokksu Market.

Can of beans

Bean Box has a large inventory of quality beans with interesting profiles like pomegranate and cherry maple nut. You can definitely give a single shipment or keep the beans coming with a subscription giveaway. There are several other coffee subscription options out there and we’ve highlighted some of the differences here.

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Sugarfina offers some really fun candies and confectionery with interesting flavors, chic and surprising collaborations, especially with alcohol brands. You can snag an e-gift card in any denomination and send it to the sweetheart with a sweet tooth on your list.

Gabby Jones / Bloomberg via Getty Images

This one might be a little more impersonal, but if you think you’ve got a takeout addict who still needs a gift or maybe a cash-strapped student, they’ll definitely appreciate it. money for food.

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