The best gifts for gin lovers in Australia: from gin gift sets to celebrity brands

Triple Gin Box

Included with not one, but two fabulous gins from the Threefold Distillery and plenty of goodies to go with them, this is the ultimate gift set for the gin lover in your life. Just make sure they share a drink or two with you.

Buy a Triple Aromatic + Mediterranean Gift Box, $110, from Garden Street Gin Club.

gin rocks

Gin stones

No one wants their gin watered down with half-dissolved ice cubes, so give someone the gift of gin because it was meant to be sipped with these luxurious little gin stones. They really take your drink to the next level.

Shop Gin Chill Stones, $37.95, at Hard To Find.

cup of gin tea

Gin Tea Cup Gift Set

What could be better than receiving a nice bottle of gin as a gift? Get it in a gift box with an adorable matching teacup, of course! This Hendrick’s pack is fun and functional, making it a great gift for the gin lover in your life.

Shop the Hendrick’s Gin & Tea Cup Gift Set, $72.99, from Dan Murphy’s.

cup of gin

Gin Glass

If they’re not the teacup type, why not treat them to a unique glass to drink their afternoon negroni? This delicious floral glass is perfect for any woman who loves gin.

Shop the Wildflower Balloon Gin Glass, $43.90, at Hard To Find.


Celebrity gin

Who could say no to a taste of Ryan Reynolds? Well, we can’t offer you that, but his luxury Aviation Gin is about as close as it gets without a restraining order being taken out against you. Other stars like the late Shane Warne also offer tasty gins that make a great gift.

Buy Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin, currently on sale for $56.70, on Amazon.

Buy Shane Warne’s Seven Zero Eight Gin, $84.99, at BWS.

gin basket

A whole gin basket

Do it all for the person who matters most to you with this gin-themed gourmet hamper that holds a bit of everything. Packed with Archie Rose gin, gourmet treats and more, this is sure to put you in their good books.

Shop the Archie Rose Gin Celebration Basket, $179, from The Hamper Emporium.

sweet gin

Nice Gin

It can be difficult to find a bottle of gin that looks as good as it tastes, but Tread Softly has mastered the art of creating stunning bottles for their delicious spirits. Drink it or display it on your shelf.

Buy Tready Softly Pink Gin, $59.99, from BWS.

gin pack

Gin cocktail set

Give your gin lover the chance to make their own unique cocktail without any hard work with this colorful infusion kit. With two pre-made cocktails to try, all they need to do is add their own gin…we’re sure they’ve got plenty on hand.

Buy NY Twin Pack Gin, $24.99, at Dan Murphy’s.


Gin without alcohol

Not everyone who loves the taste of gin wants to drink alcohol, so why not opt ​​for a non-alcoholic gift? Lyre’s are the masters of non-alcoholic spirits and their gin rightfully tastes just like the real thing, minus the hangover after a little too much.

Buy non-alcoholic dry London Spirit, $44.99, at Lyre’s.

gin box

7K Gin Tasting Box

No, it doesn’t cost $7,000! This gin tasting pack comes with three tasty drinks from 7K Distillery in Tasmania and paired tonics making this the perfect pressie for the person who is always on the lookout for new gins to try.

Purchase a 7K Gin Tasting Gift Box, $105, from the Garden Street Gin Club.


Fancy flavored gin

Pink gin has been all the rage recently, with sweet strawberry gins flooding the market, so make your gift stand out from the crowd with something a little more unique. With a deep red hue and a savory blend of blackberry and raspberry notes, this is a one-of-a-kind flavor.

Buy the Bombay Bramble Gin, $64.99, at Dan Murphy’s.

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