The best grilling equipment for barbecue lovers

If you’re looking for a gift for the father who thrives around an outdoor fire, choosing a gift that matches his hobby is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation.

From delicious rubs and spice blends to high-end tools and accessories, here are some of the best grilling gifts for the BBQ king in your life:

This stainless steel basket is perfect for grilling small vegetables, fries and seafood while preventing them from sliding through the grates. The large holes help infuse the smoke and flavor of the food while the wide handles make it easy to grip and carry even when wearing gloves.

Using the right marinade helps bring out the best in a cut of meat, turning a simple dish into a gourmet delight. This variety pack includes four handcrafted spice blends that will add flair to any protein, whether you’re grilling, barbecuing, or smoking.

If your dad loves charcoal, you can’t go wrong with this easy-to-use device that can help him burn coals quickly and evenly, without lighter fluid. Simply attach the unit to any grill or smoker and adjust the fan speed.

Beautiful and functional, this barbecue board is ideal for carving the last roast or for serving the meal. Available in three options (maple, walnut and cherry), the cutting board can be laser engraved for a personal touch. For an additional cost, you can upgrade the order to include hickory wood chips, stainless steel tongs, boar brush, long arm spatula and a personal gift message, all carefully tied with a double satin ribbon.

This spice set from gourmet brand Smokehouse is the perfect gift for the dad who likes to experiment on the grill. The variety pack includes 20 flavorful barbecue spices and spices like Black Cajun seasoning that goes well with smoked shrimp, Memphis Spice Rub to give a spicy and sweet kick to ribs, Caribbean seasoning that can add more depth to grilled chicken or hot Jamaican jerk. to liven up chicken wings and lamb chops.

Help your dad organize all the tools he needs to be king of the grill seamlessly with this customizable solid wood crate. It is durable and easy to use. Moreover, the compact design allows you to store it even in a small space.

Made of durable stainless steel, these reusable skewers are lined with tines that give proteins and vegetables more contact with the grill, allowing them to cook more evenly. Plus, the hooked tips prevent food from falling or sticking to the grates. Their unique design also makes skewers easier to grab and flip on the grill using tongs. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe. What’s not to like?

This custom grilling tool set makes a thoughtful gift for the BBQ pro in your life. The set includes a knife, basting brush, spatula, tongs and BBQ fork all enclosed in a sleek and sturdy bamboo box that’s easy to carry.

If you’re shopping for a barbecue lover who’s a bit of a culinary adventurer or trying to eat more plant-based foods, look no further than this cookbook by German food blogging duo Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer . The cookbook includes more than 80 recipes for smoky, succulent barbecue dishes like peppery tofu steak, eggplant hot dogs and pulled mushroom sandwiches that will make them forget about bland faux meat products. The book also includes an illustrated guide to tools and techniques that takes the guesswork out of such as using a fire starter, getting the perfect char on your asparagus and tofu, and more.

Cooking with wood pellets imparts a richer smoky flavor to meat, whether it’s seafood, chops, breasts, wings or ribs. If your dad owns a wood pellet grill, this bag of hickory wood pellets is a safe bet. The medium-strength wood has a pronounced flavor profile that pairs well with fish, beef, bacon, lamb and wild game.

This compact Kamado BBQ from Big Green Egg is the perfect companion for your favorite backyard chef for camping trips, picnics, poolside BBQs or tailgating adventures. With 133 square inches of cooking surface, the MiniMax can hold four burgers, two steaks, a whole chicken, or a rack of ribs at once. Plus, the portable grill comes with a sturdy stand that makes it easy to grab and carry by two people.

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