The best healthy recipe boxes and food delivery services for 2022

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Nailing down your nutrition plan is, as we all know, the main battle when it comes to building your best body. And try as you can, the hard truth is that it’s almost impossible to beat a bad diet.

Of course, you could Still build muscle with an hour of daily work at the gym fueled by baked pizza, but if you want to see results — and fast — the food you put in your body has to be on point.

The effort required for meal preparation and recipe selection (saving you off the endless conveyor belt of chicken and broccoli) can easily derail your efforts. Luckily, there’s a glut of healthy food delivery services out there that promise to keep you on track with well-rounded meal kits and recipe boxes straight to your doorstep. No more supermarket sweeping after practice for you, sir.

Let’s go back.

How We Test Recipe Boxes

MH asked a panel of experts to test the best food delivery services on offer to find the ones that suit every lifestyle and diet. Convenience was key, with points awarded for top quality products, reliable delivery and reliable recipes.

You can find their MVPs (marked with the Men’s Health Lab logo) below, plus a selection of MH Editors’ favourites, too…

The best recipe boxes for your training goals in 2022

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Best Weekly Recipe Box

Gousto Joe Wicks Guitar Picks

Whether or not you agree with his “dwarf tree” mantra, there’s no denying that Joe Wicks has done a lot to make healthy meals easy, fast and accessible to everyone.

As one of the original players in the recipe box game, Gousto has its winning formula all the way, offering slick application, reliable delivery, and a wealth of nutritious recipes to choose from. Each is broken down into simple steps and ready in 40 minutes or less, making them ideal for a quick nourishment after a grueling workout, and there are plenty of options for vegetarian and vegan diets too.

Portions are generous, often leaving enough for lunch leftovers (no more mundane meal prep for us), and you can review and repeat recipes or skip a week when your schedule calls for it. Nothing’s easier.

Key specs
Flux : 2
Delivery: Nationwide, free


Great for gluten-free and dairy-free options

Conscious leader

When it comes to nutrition-focused recipe boxes, Mindful Chef raises the bar. All recipes are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar, but there is also a range of vegetarian and vegan options.

The quality of the ingredients is evident from the start, with farm-fresh produce and first-class protein, including 100% free-range, grass-fed meat and sustainably sourced fish. It’s easy to recycle the packaging with your regular household waste, and for every meal ordered, Mindful Chef will donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.

Key specs
Flux : 2
Delivery: Nationwide, free


Best Discreet Recipe Box

Simply Cook Flavor Jars

If you want the convenience of a meal kit but prefer to choose your own protein source, Simply Cook is the service for you. There are no perishable ingredients included, just four recipes in the form of batters, seasonings, marinades and spice blends, which you can adapt to whatever you have in the fridge (we see you, wilted spinach) .

It’s a great way to get yourself out of a recipe rut and reduce food waste, without committing to a full week of fresh supplies.

Key specs
Flux : 2 to 4 people
Delivery: Nationwide, free


Best ramen recipe box

Shoryu DIY Gonsu Ramen Kit

Know that ramen is not only good for the soul, but also for the gains, with lean protein and immune-boosting vitamins all in one bowl.

Don’t have time to make your own 12-hour tonkotsu stock? Join the club. Fortunately, Shoryu has curated a complete kit with everything you need to make a batch at home, including char siu pork, hosomen noodles, broth, and toppings.

Ready in less than 30 minutes, it’s packed with serious flavor and you can always add extra spice to boost your cardiovascular defenses.

Key specs
Flux : 2 persons
Delivery: Nationwide, £7.69


Ideal for weekend kitchens

Brindisa Paella Kit with Pan

Tired of old fashioned salmon and rice? Take it to the next level with this first-class paella kit courtesy of Brindisa, complete with everything you need to nail Spain’s national dish – including a souvenir pan for your cooking arsenal.

From sweet smoked paprika to olive oil, the ingredients are top notch, making this a great gift for Father’s Day or a friend’s birthday. Just make sure you get the call when the paella hits the table.

Key specs
Flux : 4 people
Delivery: Nationwide, free


MunchFit and fuel for men’s health


Delivered daily, this serving tastes great, looks great, and doesn’t feel like eating healthy food. MH opted for the POWER muscle building service (obvs) and we were not disappointed. With huge portions – starting your day with pepper steak and grilled vegetables made us loosen our belt buckles before we even got to the office – it’s a diet you won’t go hungry for.

One area where Munch Fit excels and, interestingly, many other services fall short, is breakfast. The protein pancakes are outstanding. It’s also the only service that really manages to offer a morning serving of eggs — we salute the chorizo ​​and feta frittata.

The one thing to note, however, is that this meal plan requires dedication to the schedule with little room to miss meals if you don’t want to see the things you spend a lot of money on go to waste. This food is fresh – a major force that makes every bite delicious – but take time out from a dinner or business lunch and it won’t be the same a few days later. It’s also why this plan is the perfect companion for anyone embarking on a strict transformation plan with the desire to be spoon-fed in the kitchen.

Not all MH readers are looking for a slice of steak and a side of sweet potatoes. For others, the goal is to build a plate of varied ingredients that can boost your health while fueling volume or cut. However, knowing where to start without filling your basket with hipster-friendly avocados and little else can be tricky. Luckily, that’s where Soulmate comes in.

In addition to catering to your workout plans, they also fill your meal menu with Instagram-worthy ingredients. Expect chia pudding for breakfast (you’ll get used to that texture, honestly) and a generous handful of pomegranate seeds on multiple plates. While filling up on vitamins, it is these little touches that make this menu a real pleasure to eat. Meals that you look forward to eating, rather than feeling like you have to strain in pursuit of a better body. Plus, the protein shakes that are part of the deal are much more palatable than the grainy pint you’re used to drinking from a shaker.

Tip: Many meals come with a salad in the box. Try hanging it out before putting the main ingredients in the microwave. It’s a bit inconvenient but the meal will be infinitely fresher and more pleasant.

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