The culinary team behind Terroni has just launched the PORTA meal delivery service in Ontario


An Italian meal delivery service has just been launched in Toronto by the culinary talents behind two of the city’s most popular restaurants and bakeries.

PORTA, which means Door or Door is the first subscription lunchbox for Italian cuisine in the province.

The company brings traditional dishes to more than seven million people in Ontario with fresh ingredients and gourmet flavors.

All the food is handmade by the same chefs who master the menus at Terroni, Sud Forno and Spaccio.

delivery porta torontoAfter 25 years, Cosimo Mammoliti, the owner of the Terroni franchise, wants to share the food he loves more widely.

With PORTA, it strives to extend the same high-quality Italian cuisine served in its restaurants directly to homes in over 50 cities.

PORTA has a varied list of options, they offer eight different pizzas and pastas, as well as four desserts.

delivery porta torontoEven if you are in a rush, you can prepare homemade meals as the food takes 15 minutes or less to serve.

It arrives at your home in frozen form to preserve the flavors and make it easier to store at home.

PORTA is extremely flexible, you can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription boxes to be delivered right to your door.

delivery porta torontoYou can suspend, ignore or cancel the service at any time. So if you are away from home for a week, nothing will be wasted.

Order your box by visiting, the ten-inch pizzas are $ 11.99, two servings of pasta are set at $ 18.99, and the 4-portion dessert pack is $ 13.99.

delivery porta torontoRight now you could win up to $ 500 in gift cards at PORTA when you follow @eatporta on social media and tag a pizza or pasta lover in the comments.


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