The hottest giveaway of 2022!

We are done with chocolates, flowers and overpriced cards that are immediately thrown away.

While these default gifts are nice gestures, you never think about them. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting gift idea, you’ve come to the right place.

Our editors gave the gift of Pop corn.

Alright listen to us. It’s not just any popcorn – it’s gourmet microwave brand popcorn Opopop.

Opopop has the most original flavors our editors have seen in a long time. Imagine receiving a selection of popcorn flavors such as Vanilla Cake Pop, Chedapeno, and Maui Heatway more exciting than the same old box of chocolates.

They offer the best popcorn we’ve ever tasted in Flavor Wrapped™ kernels and Peel + Pour Pop cups.

The Flavor Wrapped™ Kernels Starter Kit is just $24.99 and comes with popcorn and flavors that include Maui Heat, cinnalicious, fancy butterand slightly salty.

Cinnalicious, Fancy Butterand salty umami are also available in Flavor Wrapped™ Kernels pouches. Personally, we are obsessed with the delicious cinnalicious flavor – it’s as delicious as it sounds!

The innovative bright yellow popper included in the starter kit is BPA free and dishwasher safe! the Opopop engineers tested, optimized, and then tested some more to make the popper deliver an exceptional popping experience.

Our first time trying the Opopop popper totally surprised us. We couldn’t believe how much better it tasted than regular microwave popcorn. Flavor Wrapped™ technology evenly coats each kernel of popcorn so it explodes with flavor.

Opopop also offers a Pop Cups Discovery Kit which is only $34.99 and comes with 12 Peel + Pour Pop cups (3 slightly salty3 Like Buddha3 salted caramell, and 3 Vanilla Vanilla) and this sunny Opopop popper. Peel + Pour Cups are designed to be quick and easy, snack-sized portions for one person, while Flavor Wrapped Cores are larger portions that will last you through movie night.

No matter who you give a gift to, Opopop has flavors that everyone will enjoy. who would not be excited to try these flavors on their own, especially when paired with a reusable popper? ! Plus, the packaging is as cool as the flavors – each pouch has a different design that looks ready to give away.

So the next time you don’t know what to buy for someone, skip the boring, generic gifts and give them something really fun and delicious – treat yourself to a tasty Opopop instead! You can thank us later.

Opopop has a special offer for our readers! Use code POPME10 for 10% off your order now!

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