The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Guelph as the gift basket finds its rightful owner

“If someone took the trouble to take care of the basket and paid dearly for it, it should reach the recipients”

A gift basket addressed to the wrong house has been returned to the rightful owners, thanks to a concerned Guelph resident.

Recently, Candy Greer and her husband returned home to find the basket on their porch. When they brought it inside, they quickly realized that the basket was aimed at different people.

“It’s the strangest thing,” she said in an emailed statement, “our house number is clear on the front of the house, so it’s baffling how it turned out. found here. ”

The basket, which contained cookies, crackers, dips and more, was for two people named Andrew and Matt.

Upon opening the card attached to the gift basket, they learned that the gift had been sent by three people named Cassandra, Deb and Geoff to celebrate these people’s homeownership, but did not explain where it came from. gift.

Greer mentions that this year being difficult for many people, especially financially, that is why she decided to find the recipients of the gifts.

“If someone went to the trouble of organizing the basket and paid a lot of money for it, it should get to the recipients,” Greer said in the email, “Plus, it’s always nice to have a surprise, that’s what I think it was. “

Having seen people posting found objects on Facebook before, Greer decided to post about it once and see what else she could learn about the gift and who sent it.

Shortly after the post, someone said they knew the senders and contacted them on Greer’s behalf. After coordinating with the shippers, a representative was sent to Greer’s home to collect the gift basket, where it was ultimately delivered to the rightful owners.

“From the moment the post popped up when they reached out, there were seven minutes! ”

The senders turned out to be real estate agents who helped recipients secure their new home. Although Greer did not meet the people who sent the gift, she said they were surprised to learn that the basket had been misdirected and happy that Greer was looking to return it.

Helping avoid potential disappointment for both sides, Greer said she was happy to sort the issue out during the holiday season.

“I was happy to have helped on my small scale,” she said later in her statement, “It was nice to see that everything works out in the end.

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