This Ferrero Rocher is huge and makes a great Christmas present


It’s not Christmas until you’ve filled your parison with Ferrero Rochers until you’re feeling insanely sick.

We’re big fans of these chocolate hazelnut balls here at Delight. But there’s one thing that we think would improve them tenfold, and that’s what makes them MUCH, MUCH, MUCH bigger.

So when we saw that this company was making huge Ferrero Rocks, we almost choked on our mouthful of full sized Rocks!

Bad brownie

Bad Brownie – a gourmet dessert company – has launched a mega version of the iconic hazelnut chocolate and it weighs a whopping half a kilo!

The giant chocolate ball features a single Ferrero Rocher nestled inside a crisp, crispy layer of Nutella milk chocolate wafer. This is then wrapped in Bad Brownie’s fudgey brownie, which has been stuffed with caramelized chopped hazelnuts, and then covered with a layer of hazelnut praline.

there are giant ferrero rocks and they weigh half a kilo

Bad brownie

Then the whole thing is covered with a delicious milk chocolate and covered with golden powder. Talk about party af.

Would make the perfect Christmas present for any Ferrero Rocher fanatic, right? If you have someone in your life who would love this (or if you just want to treat yourself) you can order one for £ 26.

Speaking of Ferrero Rocher festive treats, have you seen the Ferrero Rocher advent calendar?

That’s right, the guys at Ferrero Rocher really spoil us with their festive advent calendar. We first heard about this extravagant advent calendar when @newfoodsuk shared a photo of it. Best of all, you too can buy one at Morrisons stores right now.

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As you can imagine, behind every window in the Ferrero Rocher Advent Calendar is either a classic version of the fancy chocolate or a dark version (Ferrero Rondnoir), which is a delicious combination of fine wafer tastes and textures. and a rich creamy cocoa filling with a dark chocolate core. Then there are also the white versions (Raffaello): Californian white almonds and coconut.

You can pick up a Ferrero Rocher advent calendar from Morrisons for £ 12.

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