Transform Magazine: PB Creative designs packaging for the LYNX Seasonal Gift Line – 2021


London-based design agency PB Creative designed the packaging and identity for Unilever-owned men’s skincare brand LYNX’s range of seasonal gifts. This is the first gift release since the relaunch of the brand.

PB Creative needed to develop a design that best showcased the new identity, while delivering something different on the shelf that would appeal to both donor and recipient. The agency amplified the graffiti-inspired illustrations across the pack. These assets, which dominate the design, aim to bring dynamism to the shelves, while the concrete-style backdrop seeks to add context and a subtle urban edge.

“Following our successful relaunch of Masterbrand earlier this year, we aspired to use gift sets as an opportunity to play with the new expressive visual assets that we have created, maximizing their presence and dynamism for maximum distinction and d attraction. And, as with any line of gifts, we had to strike the perfect balance between clarity and creativity – the pack should clearly define what it includes, but in a visually exciting and impactful way, ”Ben Lambert, co-founder and creative partner at PB Créatif.

For the representation of the product, PB Creative chose a dramatic composition that aims to echo the spontaneous energy of the graphics, further emphasizing the expressive personality of the brand. The bold overall design seeks to appeal to the attitude of our Gen Z consumers.

“The relaunch of Masterbrand has been a huge success for the brand. This season’s gift lineup perfectly demonstrates the enormous potential of this expressive new visual identity beyond the base line, and we look forward to seeing how this unfolds further into future innovations, activations and brand experiences ” , states AX global design for e-commerce and gifts. innovation manager Andrea Capano.

The seasonal lineup, in fact, mirrors the new main brand PB Creative designed for Lynx in April 2021, which aimed to put street art in the hands of every Lynx customer across the globe. The agency created a detailed story for each of the brand’s scents, before briefing street artist Ben Tallon on bringing his vision to life in the form of a range of graffiti-inspired illustrations.

In line with Unilever’s goal of making its products sustainable, PB Creative has gradually shifted the brand’s overall range of gifts to plastic-free. He replaced all thermoformed inserts with branded paper bags, removed all plastic windows, and made the cover over the hex to round the gift packages out of pulp. This makes the whole rabies completely plastic free.



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