“Two Men and a Truck” make a special delivery to the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence

Each year, “Two Men and a Truck” make a special delivery for Mother’s Day. During their ‘Movers for Moms’ fundraising campaign, they collect items for local survivors of domestic violence to help them feel loved and supported this Mother’s Day.

Today they delivered the items to the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence.

The office of Two Men and a Truck Gulfport was filled with donations from their annual Movers for Moms campaign.

Their team filled over 25 moving boxes with items for the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence. During the campaign, donation drop boxes were scattered from state to state. When they picked them up, many were overflowing. Sales and Marketing Director Emily Sham said, “The community has gotten so involved. I mean, there were places that had other boxes when I went to look there, other than our box was full.

The company filled one of its moving trucks with the donations and dropped them off at the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence. “I’m a mom so I know what it means to get that handmade gift for your child this Mother’s Day, especially those women living in the shelter who may not have much. Just a nice-smelling shampoo, slippers, pajamas, anything to make them feel better on Mother’s Day.

Kelly Morrin, Senior Residence Counselor at the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence, said: “They come to the shelter and often the clients have nothing, starting completely over with nothing. So for us to be able to provide that to them is huge.

Rebecca McIntosh, Two Man One Truck Customer Service Representative, said, “I just love helping any mothers who need help in the women’s shelter, especially if they’re going through a tough time. Anything to make them feel better.

The shelter is currently helping over 40 women who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and now they can help them feel special this Mother’s Day too. “I feel like this year is going to be good. We have received many wonderful donations.

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