Ultra-fast 15-minute grocery delivery app, Tiggy, now serving Kitsilano and North Vancouver

Tiggy, BC’s only 15-minute grocery delivery app with no hidden fees that features local brands and fresh produce, announces that it now delivers to North Vancouver and Kitsilano todaymarking a total of 6 micro-distribution centers in Metro Vancouver since its launch in Vancouver last fall, with more delivery areas to be added, including Burnaby in April.

“We’re excited to serve more Vancouverites to provide unparalleled convenience and free, reliable 15-minute delivery to give them time to do the things they love while eliminating the need to buy in bulk at the grocery store.” . said Eugene Biskova, founder of Tiggy. “People are now ‘tiggy-ing’ every day to order exactly what they need, when they need it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which translates to less waste.”

Experts increasingly criticize buying in bulk as a major contributor to food waste, which accounts for 35.5 million tonnes in Canada each year. This is because consumers tend to stock up, thinking they need more food than they actually have. Groceries are wasted because consumers are inundated with food choices or opt for last-minute weeknight dinners with friends or family.

With the addition of these new delivery areas, Tiggy now operates 8 micro-distribution centers across Canada, including 6 in Metro Vancouver and two in downtown Toronto, with plans for continued expansion throughout from 2022. See here for the Tiggy delivery area in North Vancouver, and here for the Kitsilano delivery area. Click here to see all of the delivery areas Tiggy serves in Metro Vancouver.

Tiggy delivers to customers living within a 2 mile radius of each micro distribution center. All deliveries are made by Tiggy’s full-time bike couriers to help reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Tiggy is also on track to meet its goal of reducing its operational food waste to just 3%.

Tiggy Surplus Bags are now available on the Too Good To Go app

Tiggy now offers “excess bags” on the Too Good To Go app which is a global movement to reduce food waste. Tiggy’s surplus bags contain items such as eggs, milk, bread, vegetables and fruit that are about to expire and start at $5 each. Tiggy also offers nearly expired or damaged perishables right on the Tiggy app, with bruised bananas being one of the top sellers in this category.

Tiggy reduces the need to buy in bulk

Data from Tiggy reveals that customers shop through the Tiggy app several times a week, suggesting they are spending less time buying in bulk at traditional grocers. In fact, 15% of customers now use Tiggy in the morning, 24% during lunchtime, and half of all customers order groceries between 5-10 p.m., with deliveries increasing around dinner time between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Tiggy offers nearly 2,000 items and growing, in the following categories: Ready-to-Eat, Breakfast, Bakery, Fruits & Berries, Vegetables, Healthy Alternatives, which includes a growing assortment of herbal, keto and organic; Dairy products and eggs, cheese, meat, including plant-based meat substitutes; seafood, sweets and snacks, beverages; Pantry which includes oils, sauces and spices, pasta, pharmacy including vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies; household cleaning and supplies, personal care and gifts.

Tiggy is committed to supporting local brands

Tiggy is committed to supporting BC brands and along with their sourcing team are constantly looking to add new ones. BC brands currently available on the app include Avalon Organic Ice Cream, Buckwheat Buckwheat Ice Cream, Bonchaz Bakery Fresh Baked Pastries, Earths Dairy Free Milk, Granola Girl Gluten Free Granola, Delicious Goodly, Happy Planet juice-based soups and smoothies, Island Gold free-range eggs, artisan frozen ramen made by the chef at Kokoro Ramen, delicious local desserts from Lemon Square, nut butters from Mumgry and New World Foods Organic, Regular Gluten-Free Instant Oats, Plant-Based Foods from Nora Ice Cream, Fresh Breads from Uprising Breads, Two Rivers Meat, Tality Kombucha Organic Artisan Kombucha, Terra Breads, Sacred Foods Popped Lotus Seed Snacks and more .

Pet food brands include Vancouver’s The Granville Island Pet Treatery, homemade dog treats from Billy’s Treats Zoe and Snack21.

Home and beauty products made in Vancouver include Midnight Paloma, Kliig Candle Co.

Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Tests are also available in a 5-pack, while supplies last.

Tiggy is hiring now

Currently, Tiggy employs 150 employees in British Columbia. The startup is rapidly growing its team and is currently looking to fill the following positions, including permanent full-time bike couriers, store managers, assistant shoppers, merchants, and a communications manager. Tiggy expects it will employ at least 300 BC residents by the end of the year as it continues to expand across the province.

The vast majority of Tiggy orders are delivered within 15 minutes with a few exceptions which can take up to 30 minutes depending on traffic and weather. Tiggy is open 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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