Where to find the coolest gift delivery services in Gold Coast


Sometimes between the unbearable heat and our aversion to doing things that can actually be done by others, Gold Coasters like to have all kinds of things delivered. Fortunately, there are a range of local businesses that will deliver right to your door.

From flowers to cookies, beers to beauty boxes, many services are available to offer to your loved one or to treat yourself. Here are the coolest delivery services on the Gold Coast.

Collected sugar

Collected sugar specializes in all things donuts, which should put this delivery service at the top of your list. Think adorable themed boxes like the dude’s box with beers and donuts (name a better combo?), Donut bouquets, and even donut cakes that are almost too pretty to eat. No matter how bad you got, nobody can stay mad at you for long if they get a delivery from Sugar Gathered.

The Botanica Box

Showcasing a range of quality Australian products with a unique focus on botanically inspired products, a Botanica Box is sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face. Our favorite? Try Basic Edition 03 which brings together a potted plant from The Borrowed Nursery, a candle from the beloved fragrance makers Posie, 50ml of Dry Gin by Brookies Gin, a 180ml bottle of light tonic water from Strangelove , a brass bottle opener and a nice gift card for $ 99.


The problem: it’s your birthday, your sweetheart’s birthday, your brother’s graduation, or you’ve just been a little bit dazed lately and want to do something good for the guy (or girl). girl) of your life. Enter Brewquet, the Gold Coast beer gift delivery service that officially changed our lives for the better. For just $ 35 plus shipping, these guys will ship three craft beers wrapped in fabric and a burlap tote and adorned with a card for a cute message. Looks like a bunch of flowers but these are really awesome beers. Genius. You can also swap them out for ciders or upgrade to a “long stem” bouquet.


Ever wanted to send someone a gift, not an expensive bottle of bubbles or an extravagant bouquet, just something small to show you care? Shouta is the brand new Australian app that helps you do just that. Scream your friends, coworkers and loved ones anytime, anywhere, with whatever you want. As for how Shouta works, it’s as simple as it sounds. In the app, you are free to choose from various cries between $ 5 and $ 250. Anything your special someone will like, use, drink, eat, or enjoy. Think movie tickets, flowers, lunch, chocolates, or even a stimulating manicure. Your cry is also totally customizable – you can send a box of Panadol after a big night out, or a box of donuts to help a companion get through 3pm with high sugar. Download the app here.

Say it with succulents

If you’ve caught the houseplant bug like us, then look no further than Say it with succulents. The Gold Coast company offers a range of seriously chic potted arrangements for all price ranges. The best thing about them is that they don’t take a lot of work to maintain, so this really is the gift that keeps coming.

Dough house

So… a lot… of cookies! Life is too short for these do-it-yourself White Wings baking tins. It’s here that Dough house comes to the rescue with the most amazing range of cookies / real artwork! Flavors include Nuts on Nutella, MacaDAMMia, Creamy Caramel, Oh Oh Oreo and many more delivered right to your door or even better, to your workplace! There are vegan and gluten-free options too, so no one is missing out.

Grandpa Jack

The Miami-based distillery has certainly secured its place among the Gold Coast’s top distilleries, winning multiple awards for its spirits, including the world’s best coffee liqueur (yes, it’s as good as it sounds) . They say that whiskey is a good remedy for many ailments and we are certainly not doctors, but we think it could help make anyone smile. Grandpa Jack Gift Boxes have all kinds of awesome options, from budget choices to classier gifts, so be sure to check them out here.

Donut world

There is a company on the GC that specializes in donut bouquets! No, we didn’t stutter, we said bunches of donuts. Presented as if it were a bouquet of flowers, expect delicious donuts freshly made and delivered right to your door. Donut world make a medium donut box with syringes loaded with Nutella, or discover their flower bouquet, with buttercream donuts, macaroons and red velvet Oreos.


The guys who took away the choking on wine, Vinomofo is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies (they actually just set up in Singapore). Their philosophy is quite simple: delicious wine, no handjobs, and inexpensive deliveries from some of Australia’s best wineries to your mouth. There is a range of prices and varieties, but the guys at “Fo” only sell the wines they like, so you know you’re getting a careful selection.


Beauty sample sets are all the rage right now, and Bellabox is probably the best of the bunch. You can enroll your partner, even yourself, for a monthly skincare pack that includes around five beauty samples from different trendy brands. If you like what you try, you can buy the Bellabox online store and get the real deal. You can customize a plan to suit your gift, and they’ll deliver the box anywhere you want. This will only cost you $ 19.95 per month, which is a good deal considering the number of brownie points on offer.

Whiskey or gin booty

Do you have a whiskey or gin lover to buy? Give them a Whiskey Booty Where Gin booty subscription. Each month for three, six or twelve months, depending on how much you love and appreciate it (as an added bonus, you get a discount on freebies), your recipient will receive three tasting bottles of premium whiskey or gin, tasting notes and a journal to take notes. Also, don’t worry that they’ll get standard bog brands, they’re all boutique distillers, small batches, and even rare distillers – you might end up trying to compete for an invitation to taste them.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our roundup of the best flower delivery services on the Gold Coast.

Image Credit: Grandpa Jack’s


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