Wife Sparks Debate After Giving Husband Vasectomy Gift Basket

A woman has sparked an online debate after giving her husband a homemade vasectomy gift basket.

Natalie Chard, from Cornwall, UK, used her TikTok to hilarious To display herself packing a care package for her husband, Mike, after his surgery.

“Our days of making babies are over,” she captioned the video.

It featured fun gifts and candies, including briefs labeled “briefs for your grief”, Jellie Babies labeled “more babies”, orange juice labeled “all juice, no seeds” and eggs labeled “you can’t fertilize those eggs”. “

The basket also had a card with the phrase “Snip, Snip, Hooray” written on it.

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Our baby making days are over! #FilmTeyvatIslands #vasectomycarepackage #viral #fyp #foryoupage @Michael Chard

Many people thought the basket was hysterical, with other women praising Chard’s comedic vision and men hoping to get something like this if they decided to have the procedure done in the future.

“Love this idea, and every guy I know would find this absolutely hilarious after the cut,” one wrote.

“If I don’t get such a package, I’m going to be really disappointed,” added another.

A third wrote: “Damn, I’d like to think about it.”

Others didn’t like the video too much. But, Chard was quick to clear things up in the comments section.

“I hope it was his choice and not that he was forced?” one added, leading Chard to write, “I dragged him kicking and screaming; of course he had no choice.”

She also took a moment to express her love for her husband and wanted to “treat” him.

“I love my husband and I wanted to look after him, not like I asked you a lot to have one; I didn’t even ask him! It’s his choice; I wanted more children,” Chard clarified. .

There has been an increase in the number of American men seeking vasectomies following last month’s Supreme Court decision to overturnRoe v. Wade.

Newsweek also reported that a week after Roe’s cancellation, Google searches for female sterilization also increased.

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