Win big on this holiday with these free gifts from Groupon!

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And a wine tasting? Let’s drink to that! (Photo: Getty)

Need to do some last minute shopping? (As in – Running out of days, need to find a gift that can be magically delivered in just a few minutes?) Don’t panic. Groupon has plenty of freebies with no delivery required. After purchasing them online, the freebies will be emailed so you can either send them directly to the recipients or print the vouchers and deliver them as the ink dries. And these are gifts you know they’ll love – experiences that lead to lasting memories and classes that can turn an aspiring artist into a Picasso. Or, at least, get them started on that path!

Do you know someone who loves rock climbing? Groupon has that. Or a friend who needs to relax? Discover the many spa offers from Groupon. Dance classes? They are. As well as walking tours, pub crawls and wine tasting! There are plenty of deals available across the country, so head over to Groupon for inspiration.

But hurry, a lot of these deals are on a discounted price, but the discounts won’t last long. So head over to Groupon before it’s too late!

up to 75% off last minute giveaways at Groupon

What better time to run away and join the circus?  (Photo: Getty)

What better time to run away and join the circus? (Photo: Getty)

Are you experienced?

From Forbes to CNN, from Fast Company to Oprah, it is said on the streets that experiences matter most. The moment itself may not last that long, but the memories it creates and the happiness it brings can last a lifetime. A San Francisco State University study even found that experiences make us happier than possessions.

So … do you want to make someone happy? Give them something they always wanted to try but didn’t dare, like skydiving. Midwest Skydiving at Sturtevant, WI receives rave reviews from those who have taken the plunge. “Everything from the check-in to the parachute jump was AMAZING!” said a brave soul. “The staff were professional and helpful. Made sure I was comfortable and calmed my nerves.” Or how about getting started and joining the circus? Bat City Circus in Austin, TX offers trapeze, silk, cyr wheel, burlesque and more!

up to 75% off last minute giveaways at Groupon

Explore a new city - or learn more about your own!  (Photo: Getty)

Explore a new city – or learn more about your own! (Photo: Getty)

Go out and explore

When you party with Groupon experiences, you also celebrate your community. This is because many of these places are small businesses run by those in your neighborhood. And these are people who can use your patronage more than ever. So by buying a Groupon Experience as a gift (or maybe for yourself!), You are also giving back to those around you. And make people’s days a little more joyful and bright!

Here are some great deals we’ve seen across the country. But be sure to check your own zip code (or the region of the person you’re offering to) to find what’s available nearby.

Cellar wooden door, located in Pittsburgh, PA, offers two platters of bruschetta and four of their signature take-home glasses, all for just $ 12!

In San Francisco, Achieve your best is offering 45% off Bellydance classes for all levels, ages and body types to get you started in the New Year.

Do you know someone who loves a good ghost story? Milwaukee Ghostly private tour takes you to haunted hotels and lounges in the Third Quarter.

Need something a little more … active? How about parkour (aka how to avoid any obstacles in your path with gravity-defying gymnastics). In Denver, CO, Ninja brand parkour offers 43% off everything a person needs to learn parkour and become the next James Bond.

So head over to Groupon ASAP to see what experience you can bring to someone. And at these prices, you’ll probably want to experience it for yourself while you’re at it!

up to 75% off last minute giveaways at Groupon

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