Wordle fan designs his own Valentine’s Day card based on the game

Valentine’s Day is next Monday and many people are looking for the perfect gift and card for their loved one. While one can always just buy a card, there is an appeal to give a gift they made themselves.

One wordle fan created a map inspired by the popular free word game. It shows the characteristic wordle grid with the “correct” green squares lit up in the shape of a heart and the flirtatious pun, “Word-le you be mine?”


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Reddit user Bbrz12 created the design using hdb, an iPhone app that lets users create and send personalized virtual greeting cards. They shared their map on the wordle subreddit, which received a generally positive reception. However, one person facetiously pointed out that the form wouldn’t be possible in the actual game, because wordle players cannot continue guessing after finding the correct answer. Still, that kind of technicality doesn’t take away from the cool design and sweet gesture.

A wordleThe themed Valentine’s Day card is even more appropriate than you might expect. The popular pun actually started as a romantic gesture. Wordle’s creator, Josh Wardle, designed it as a gift for his wife, who is a fan of puns. This is at least partly the reason why Wordle– the real version of wordle at least – is completely free, without any monetization system or psychological tactics.

Despite the game’s massive popularity, the Wordle subreddit isn’t the most active community on Reddit. It has a relatively small 11,700 members, comparable to some of the more specialized interest groups on the site. Many posts have fewer than a dozen comments, although a few, mostly those discussing wordle strategies, manage to take off spectacularly. Unfortunately, this means that Bbrz12’s board doesn’t seem to have received the attention its clever design arguably deserves.

Wordle isn’t the only game whose fans are in a playful and romantic mood. Recently, a Old School RuneScape fan shared miscellaneous Runescape– Valentine’s Day themed cards. And as is the tradition of thematic maps, they included a variety of deliberately evil puns such as “There’s a GNOME like you” and “I’m head of the OGRE Feldip Hills for you.”

Fans of other games including For honor, Fallout: New Vegas, The Legend of Zeldaand animal crossing, also shared their custom card designs. Many are also deliberately bad jokes, like a legionnaire of Fall: New Vegas saying: “Degenerates like in your place… In my heart! However, others, like the animal crossing examples, are professional quality works that any fan would love to find in their mailbox.

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Source: Reddit

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