Zodiac signs: Astrologer on the perfect Mother’s Day gift according to her sign

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Astrology expert Jessica Adams spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the perfect gift for each zodiac sign.


“That doer in your life would enjoy boxing in the park or Zoom yoga.

For a less sporty and more spectator mum, “a mug with her favorite football team or the Wimbledon champion could make her happy”.

For those who want to splash this Mother’s Day, a “scarlet Chanel lipstick is ideal” because “velvety red” is the color of Aries.


Jessica popped the question: “Taurus mothers are either shopaholics, conservationists, collectors, big charity fundraisers or second-hand roses. What kind of Taurus mom do you know?

An “original” work of art, “likely to increase in value” can do the trick, as would “an Oxfam card which finances a major project”.

This sign loves the good life, so give a Taurus mom a “gift certificate for a store she loves where she can at least afford some designer soap.”

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“A subscription to her favorite newspaper or magazine is a good idea for Gemini,” Jessica said, because “these moms like to be up to date with the news.”

“A Roberts radio in her favorite color would be a luxurious Mother’s Day gift for the same reason.”

Yellow is the power color of Gemini.


“It is traditionally the most motherly of all mothers who express themselves through cooking, keeping a wonderful family home and making sure everyone is well looked after.
for – and that includes the cat or the dog.

A Cancer mom would like “pretty kitchen utensils”, a vintage-style kettle, “beautiful tea towels and beautiful copper kitchen accessories”.

For a gift of experience, send your mom to a cooking class so she can learn how to cook her favorite cuisine.



Like Leo Madonna, “she wears hats if she’s typical of her sign, then a Dior or Maison Laulhère beret might be perfect.”

“Hats, tiaras, beads, earrings and necklaces light up a Lion in the mirror and it’s hard to go wrong with Asprey, even if it’s a tiny piece you find dazzling. ‘occasion.

Penhaligon’s scent is also that of a Leo mum – but ‘anything by royal appointment can work’.


“The Virgo mom is always ahead of the trend with the latest health and fitness innovations.

“Wellbeing is even more important in 2022,” said Jessica, “so a HEPA air purifier will win approval” – they’re even used by the NHS.

When she wants to relax, the bathroom is her “favorite place” so equip it with accessories like a pink salt stone, luxury sponges or a Diptych.


“This mom is all about her husband or partner – your dad – and something both can enjoy is a good idea.”

The weather is already warming up, so “think about tickets to outdoor summer gatherings”, whether it’s a one-day festival, a concert or Shakespeare in the Park.

Also bring them a picnic basket from Fortnum & Mason.

Libran single moms “might secretly love a gift subscription to a dating site” or a “romance novel” like Casablanca.


“Scorpio is the sign to be associated with finance, charity, business and property.

“You might not buy him a Belgravia mansion, but a serious leather notebook from Smythson might help him budget in style.”

Failing that, the “sensual” Scorpio would love a silk eye mask.


Forget plane tickets: “it’s the sign of the wheelchair traveler”.

Jessica suggested: ‘A book or DVD set by David Attenborough will help him travel in the spirit’ – even better if you can watch it together.

“Glamping getaways across the UK are ideal, and a gift voucher for a night or two outdoors will go a long way for this mum.”


Whether she’s a “super mom” or a “business success story,” Capricorn never fails to impress with what she does.

“Books or magazine subscriptions that relate to one’s chosen field are a safe bet – especially biographies of self-taught women like Chanel or Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.”

Mom Capricorn isn’t someone who tends to put her feet up often, so “a week of gourmet food delivered to your home might be welcome.”


“It is a sign of friendship and the power of people within a group.

“If she is not already a member of, for example, a club, team or association, she could enjoy a year at the Outdoor Swimming Society or the National Trust.”

The chance to meet new people always appeals to sociable Aquarius, so enrolling her in a dance class or volunteer organization may be just what she needs this Mother’s Day.


Not one for gossip or superficial gifts, “the total Pisces escapee likes to escape with spirituality, religion, hypnosis, dreams, tarot and the mysteries of life”.

“A Buddha or a miniature rosary can seduce or a giant designer candle from Cire Trudon, or an incense from France or Japan is also a luxury treat: try Astier de Villatte.”

One of Paul McKenna’s best-selling hypnosis books or “oracle card game” is the perfect gift for a mom who “loves alternatives.”

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